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How Do We Work for You?

Effective recruitment of qualified candidates is the cornerstone of our service, and we have developed a proactive strategy for recruiting and retaining high-quality candidates:

  • We take a team approach to interviewing. This results in a more complete and accurate candidate profile, as each interviewer may understand a different dimension of the applicant’s personality and experience.
  • We use a state-of-the-art online testing service to gain key information about an applicant’s skills, including how each applicant ranks against a national sample of all individuals who have taken the test.
  • We have access to an extensive computer network that allows us to run specific, targeted searches in record time.

Solutions for Your Staffing Needs

To compete in today’s demanding business environment, companies need to employ cutting-edge human resources strategies, and they must be able to act both proactively and reactively to meet their staffing needs. At Merritt Staffing, we help our clients respond to those needs quickly and satisfactorily by offering the following staffing solutions:

Direct Hire

Do you need to increase your full-time staff? Merritt Staffing can present you with the most qualified candidates available. We have the time and resources to perform the most challenging searches with impressive results. We stand behind every placement with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

Temporary Staffing

Could you use some extra help for a temporary period, or do you have internal restrictions on hiring full-time staff? Merritt Staffing can provide qualified temporary employees to keep your company running smoothly. Our experienced staffing consultants assess each job request in order to prevent unnecessary and costly overlap of skills. Our database houses performance reviews for all prior assignments made through Merritt Staffing, so we know that our temporary staff can step in and get the job done. If you feel our temporary employee is not performing satisfactorily, we will do our best to find a suitable replacement quickly.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

When the market allows, a strategy called “Temp-to-Hire” is a popular way to hire staff. This enables companies to bring on employees under contract with Merritt Staffing, then convert the temp onto the company’s payroll. This hiring strategy is particularly useful when there are head count restraints at certain times of the year and allows you to “try before you buy.”

Payrolling Services

If you have identified a potential employee for hire, but you cannot immediately place him/her on your payroll, consider our payrolling service. Similar to temporary staffing, the employee becomes a legal employee of Merritt Staffing and receives his/her paychecks from us. However, as we did not invest time and expense in the recruitment of this individual, our bill rate is significantly discounted.

Project Management

Many businesses are often faced with planned or unexpected projects. These projects range from accounting audits and legal filings to promotional mailings or even telemarketing campaigns. Regardless of the type of project, Merritt Staffing can partner with you effectively and efficiently to make the project a success.

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