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Customer Service Staffing Services

Customer Service Recruitment for your Connecticut or Westchester County Business

Staffing solutions for companies that are serious about service

In many respects, customer service employees are your company’s front line. They are the face of your business and the voice on the phone — and the tone that they set can determine whether or not a prospect becomes a repeat customer. This is why having the right customer service representatives is critical to your business.

Merritt Staffing has extensive experience finding employees with the right balance of personality, efficiency, motivation and attention to detail to help attract and keep your customers. When it comes to customer service, it’s all about attitude; we can help find employees that are not only a good fit with your company, but who are also go-getters who are serious about service. For more than 20 years, Merritt Staffing has helped place customer service employees who are advocates and ambassadors for their companies by being knowledgeable, engaging, confident and proactive.

A variety of customer service positions

An effective customer service employee has a positive outlook, enjoys working with people and has the confidence and drive to provide an exceptional customer experience. They’re also team players who will let your sales and marketing staff shine. Whether the positions you need to fill are part-time, full-time, temporary, temp-to-hire or direct-hire, Merritt Staffing can help you fill a wide range of customer service and call center positions, including:

  • customer service representatives
  • customer service team leads and supervisors
  • customer service managers and directors
  • call center staff
  • account managers

A partnership approach to staffing services

At Merritt Staffing our goal is to go beyond recruitment and job placement services. We actively partner with our clients by building close relationships, developing a collaborative spirit, and understanding our clients’ specific needs and culture. This helps improve our clients’ efficiency, especially when job requirements change and positions must be filled quickly. By tailoring our search and placement services to the requirements of specific assignments, we help clients build customer service teams that consistently exceed customers’ expectations.

As an experienced staffing agency, we understand that employment needs can change due to fluctuating economic and business cycles. Demand for employees can rise unexpectedly due to special projects, seasonal peaks or simply the unexpected departure of a valued employee. When employers have to post jobs, sift through resumes and interview candidates, it can strain existing resources and reduce productivity. Merritt Staffing’s local customer service recruiters can relieve that pressure and help keep your company efficient, even in times of staff transition. By allowing us to handle the staffing process and related recruiting services, our clients are able to focus on what they do best.

In addition to handling the logistics of new hires, Merritt Staffing evaluates customer service candidates to provide our clients with the qualified staff they need. We conduct assessments and ensure that candidates and companies are a good match. Our experienced customer service recruiters and job placement consultants work closely with clients to define needs, scope and budget to develop a customized staffing plan that suits your company’s needs.

Confidentiality and discretion throughout the placement process

Merritt Staffing guarantees confidentiality in our recruitment and job placement services. We do not disclose the employer’s or candidate’s identity until the appropriate time.

Recruiting services for customer service positions and beyond

Merritt Staffing takes a comprehensive approach to staffing services in Connecticut and Westchester County. Our experienced recruiting and placement consultants work closely with clients to define needs, scope and budget to develop a customized staffing solution that suits your company’s needs. We fill a wide range of positions beyond customer service roles, including:

We also serve a variety of industries, such as:

  • law
  • manufacturing
  • consumer products
  • consulting
  • financial/hedge funds/private equity/venture capital
  • marketing/market research
  • technology
  • banks
  • medical
  • logistics
  • accounting
  • real estate (contact the nyc real estate agent to book their services)
  • insurance

Customer service recruitment with a local focus

Our staffing firm works closely with Connecticut and Westchester County companies to fill entry-level to mid-level customer service and call center positions across Fairfield County, New Haven County, and Westchester County. We understand the area’s work culture and the priorities of local companies and employees. With our extensive network of candidates in Connecticut and New York, we have helped hundreds of companies recruit and retain valuable customer service employees.

Merritt Staffing is as comfortable working with small startups as we are working with large companies. As our clients’ businesses develop and grow, we adjust our staffing services to meet their changing requirements.

Westchester and Connecticut staffing service locations

Our Stamford staffing service area covers Fairfield County and Westchester County, including Stamford, Greenwich, White Plains, Norwalk and beyond.

Our Stratford staffing service area covers Fairfield County and New Haven County, including Fairfield, Bridgeport, Danbury, Shelton, New Haven, Stratford and beyond.

For more information

Contact Merritt Staffing to learn more about our customer service and call center staffing, and to find out how our recruitment and staffing services in Connecticut and Westchester County have benefited local businesses like yours.

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