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Temporary, Contract, and Temp-to-Hire Staffing & Payroll Services

We provide the talent to meet your company’s temporary staffing needs

The growing importance of temporary workers

More and more, U.S. companies are turning to temps, freelancers, contract workers and consultants. Combined, these workers number nearly 17 million Americans — about 12% of the U.S. working class. Temp workers are also becoming more common in legal, healthcare and IT positions — sectors that employed relatively few temp workers in the past. Many factors are driving this trend, but it’s safe to say that employers are increasingly attracted to the flexibility offered by temporary job assignments.

At Merritt Staffing, we understand that companies can benefit from this flexibility. We know that temporary positions can fill seasonal or project-related demand, provide reinforcement during employee absences, and help fill gaps during hiring freezes and headcount restrictions. And in addition to keeping your company competitive, temporary-to-full-time assignments can give you a chance to determine how well a candidate fits in at your company before offering him or her a full-time position.

To ensure that we meet the employment needs of our clients as well as our candidates, we offer placement in a variety of temporary assignment types:

  • short-term
  • indefinite
  • long-term
  • project-based
  • temporary-to-full-time
  • per diem
  • freelance
  • contract

Our staffing experts offer temporary employment solutions in many industries across our practice areas, including:

Your temporary recruiting and management partner

As a Connecticut and Westchester County temporary staffing and job placement agency, Merritt Staffing strives to work as a seamless extension of your human resources organization. We find, screen and administratively manage the most qualified professionals available for your long-term and short-term temporary work assignments. Our clients gain access to qualified, prescreened talent who have an immediate impact on your organization. These temporary employees can provide your company with the flexibility you need to adjust to changing business conditions.

As with our other job placement services, Merritt thoroughly assesses our candidates’ skills to find the best fit with our clients’ needs. Employers benefit from our large network of qualified talent in Connecticut and New York, as well as the time we spend getting to know every applicant. We verify candidates’ references and assess their attitude, strengths and skills to ensure that they are fully qualified and prepared for the positions you need to fill.

Payrolling services

If you have identified a potential employee for hire, but you cannot immediately place him or her on your payroll, you may want to consider our payrolling service. Similar to temporary staffing, the employee becomes a legal employee of Merritt Staffing and receives his or her paychecks from us. However, as we did not invest time and expense in the recruitment of this employee, our bill rate is significantly discounted.

Confidentiality and discretion throughout the placement process

Merritt Staffing guarantees complete confidentiality in our recruitment and job placement services. We do not disclose the employer’s or candidate’s identity until the appropriate time.

Westchester and Connecticut Staffing Service Locations

Our Stamford staffing area covers Fairfield County and Westchester County, including Stamford, Greenwich, White Plains, Norwalk and beyond.

Our Stratford staffing area covers Fairfield County and New Haven County, including Fairfield, Bridgeport, Danbury, Shelton, New Haven, Stratford and beyond.

For more information

Contact us to learn more about our temporary and contract staffing management services, and how our recruitment and staffing services in Connecticut and Westchester County have benefited local businesses like yours.

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