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Referral Program

Over the years, many of the candidates whom we have placed with our clients have come from the thoughtfulness of friends, coworkers or relatives. At Merritt Staffing, we have developed a bonus program that rewards your referrals. Each position listed through Merritt Staffing has a referral bonus assigned to it. Please read the terms and conditions below.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Candidates must indicate the name of the person referring them when submitting their resume.
  2. If a candidate is referred more than once, the referral bonus will be paid to the first referring party only.
  3. If a referred candidate is placed more than once, a referral bonus will only be paid the first time he/she is placed.
  4. Referral bonuses will be paid after the candidate has successfully completed 90 days of work if the placed permanently or 200 hours worked if placed at a temporary assignment. Only one type of referral bonus will be paid for each referral.
  5. If a candidate is already in our database and has already been contacted for this position, no referral bonus will be paid.
  6. Referral bonuses can differ based on individual postings.
  7. If a referred candidate is placed in a position other than the one for which they were referred, the referral bonus assigned to the position in which the candidate was placed will be issued. If the posting does not have a referral fee assigned to it, our standard referral bonus of $200 will be issued.

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