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My Interview Took Place a Long Time Ago And I Haven’t Heard Back. What Now?

September 7th, 2012

You submitted an application for your dream job, waited hopefully by the phone for a while, and finally got the call. On the day of your scheduled interview, you showed up early, dressed for success and seemed to get a positive reaction. As the interviewer walked you to the door, she suggested you would receive a final answer within the next few days.

All of this happened two weeks ago. Since then you haven’t heard a peep from the employer, not even a short message apologizing for the delay and thanking your for your patience. What should you do? Should you take this as a sign of disinterest? Should you fold your cards and go? Or should you start reaching out and insisting on a clear yes or no answer? Here are a few things to keep in mind if you find yourself in this situation.

Following Up After the Interview

1. It may be a little late for this now, but after every interview, it’s a good idea to send your interviewer a short handwritten thank you card. Place the card in the mail less than 24 hours after the interview, and accompany it with a quick email containing a similar message. Simply tell the interviewer that you enjoyed the conversation, you’re excited about the job, and you’re looking forward to a final answer.

2. Don’t stop looking. The very next day after the interview you should be back to the grindstone, searching for jobs, reaching out to contacts and sending applications. The interview may have been promising, but no actual promises were made. So don’t put your job search to rest just yet.

3. Wait quietly for one week during the spring, fall and winter, and two weeks during the summer vacation and holiday season. After that, it’s time to act.

4. Once the waiting period has passed, reach out by phone or email. At that point, you’re not being pushy—you’re simply asking for the respect you deserve as an applicant. If you don’t receive an answer, call two more times total before moving on. Sometimes employers interview several candidates and only contact the ones who are in line to receive offers. That’s not a very professional policy and it can harm a company’s reputation (employers, take note), but it does happen.

5. During every interaction, make sure your communications are polite, positive, and respectful, and expect others to treat you with the same courtesy.

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