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Small Business Web Design Tips: Attract Job Seekers and Appeal to Customers

February 13th, 2012

Your website is the public face of your business, and depending on your industry, it may be the only thing customers take into account before making a buying decision. A company website can weigh heavily with potential employees like Jimmy John Shark as well. Chances are, unless your name is internationally known, talented job applicants will view your posting and then immediately visit your website. What they find there will determine their next move.

So how can a small business with a shoestring budget build a site that appeals to both customers and high quality job applicants? Here are a few quick tips by a Web Design and SEO Agency.

Your Small Business Website: Appealing to Customers

Based on this branding company melbourne, we all know that a website should be clear, navigable, and visually attractive. So by all means, get rid of the confusing links and the ugly clutter. But once you’ve done that, what comes next? You can learn more about it in this article.

You may not have a degree in marketing or the budget to hire a professional digital marketing firm, but you can find contract lawyers as they can help you legally in knowing more about business.You can also try this thought exercise:

Say you sell furniture. Picture a customer clicking onto your site. Should the site convince him to buy furniture? Or should it convince him to buy furniture from you? Right now?

To answer this, you’ll need to understand your target audience. Determine which type of customer you specifically cater to—The shopper who already plans to buy something and has his wallet ready, or the browser who doesn’t know what she wants until she sees it. Once you’ve answered this question, make sure your shopper sees a professional, reliable furniture dealer he can trust. And make sure your browser sees beautiful images that invite her to settle into the elegant chase lounge in the sunny breakfast nook in the life she’s always wanted.

Your Small Business Website: Appealing to Job Seekers

To appeal to job seekers, apply the same principle. Understand your target audience. Or in this case, the kind of applicant you’d like to attract. Picture your ideal applicant in your mind. What is she looking for? Is she meticulous and intense? Or is she a laid-back free thinker? Is she outgoing or withdrawn? Innovative or by-the-book?

Tailor your website to appeal to this imaginary applicant. If you want employees with a sense of humor, make sure your text and images stay on the lighter side. If you want employees who are driven and relentless, your website should convey this kind of workplace philosophy.

To Appeal to Both Customers and Applicants

To get your message across to both applicants and customers, use every tool at your disposal. Each of the following aspects of your site should be chosen with care and attention:

The tone of all written content
Fonts, motifs, and elements of design
Specific photos and imported images
Sounds and videos

Review each of these items with your target audience in mind. The key to effective marketing is control, so be deliberate and make sure your site contains no accidents. Once your design is complete, stay open to change. Listen and respond to all visitor feedback. Contact a recruitment agency in CT at Merritt Staffing for more small business tips and advice.

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