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Social Media Tips for Employers

November 16th, 2012

There’s no doubt that the internet has changed the market landscape forever for recruiters, hiring managers, and staffing pros. Companies are depending on services like for the same. We now have almost unlimited access to global pools of brilliant candidates…But only if we know how to identify these candidates, target our messages, and approach prospective talent in an appealing and tactful way. Here are a few quick social media tips that help you not only find great candidates, but also attract their attention and encourage them to apply.

Social Media Tips for Employers

1. As stated on, use company social media profiles to announce positions and provide information, but do NOT use social media to screen existing applicants. Reviewing a candidate’s Facebook profile to make a hiring decision provides an incomplete and often misleading picture of her credentials. And not only is social media a weak screening option, it may also be unethical and even illegal. Think ahead—what if your social media search leads to a photo of the candidate in a wheelchair? Are you ready to face accusations of discrimination if you decide to pass this person over?

2. When you announce an open position on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, follow through. Provide clear links to a page offering detailed requirements and contact resources. Don’t just state that you have a position available and then leave candidates to sleuth for more information on their own.

3. Lead all interested candidates back to your website, or to a blog established specifically for this position. If you go the blog route, keep the blog updated frequently with new information about the job, a history of the company, a video of the hiring manger discussing the position, and a long list of clear responsibilities and applicant requirements.

4. Target posts and Tweets. If you have specific platforms where you’d like your post to get the most attention, use @ functions and hashtags wisely. Direct your message to a feed popular among graduating computer science students at a local top-tier university, for example.

5. Call in the experts. If you aren’t sure how to navigate the world of social media posting and targeted tweeting, reach out to a digital marketing firm for help. This may be less expensive than you realize, and the benefits can be enormous.

6. Fix broken links, and do it fast. Nothing turns applicants off like broken links, dead ends, and wild goose chases. Determined candidates may find ways around these obstacles, but you may not want to select for determination alone. The most talented applicants will always have other options, and they aren’t likely to put up with confusing nonsense. Don’t let a simple technical glitch drive them away.

Reach out to the Connecticut staffing pros at Merritt Staffing for more tips on using social media to expand your access to great candidates.

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