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Shine a Spotlight on Your Job Posting

July 27th, 2012

According to survey data, about 20 percent of successful new hires, or one in five, report that they decided to make contact after finding the job posting through an online listing. So even while experts push the benefits of real world networking, the job board venue remains very popular among talented applicants.

What does this mean for recruiters and hiring managers? First, it means job boards offer a great way to target the applicants you’re looking for. But it also means the competition in this venue is tight, and you’ll need to find ways to draw attention to your posting if you want to attract a broad pool of qualified candidates. What makes a candidate pause on your listing and click for more information? And as she reviews that information, what aspects of the posting encourage her to find out more about your company and ultimately decide to apply?

Highly Effective Job Postings: Tips

1. Make sure your posting is searchable. The job title you choose should be clear and specific, since this is the phrase your candidates will type into the search bar. Use terms like “Technical Document Editor” or “Bedding Sales Manager.” Avoid job titles and post headings like “Talented Change Driver”, or “Brilliant Superstar Needed.”

2. List the job requirements and qualifications as short, bulleted phrases. Be clear and specific as you do this. After you’ve generated a list, remove all meaningless entries suggesting the candidate will be required to “maintain regular work hours”, or “support the company as needed.”

3. Let the job seeker know what’s in it for her. If possible, simply state the salary you intend to offer, or at least provide a range. Mention some of the perks your company offers and list any awards or public mentions you’ve received that showcase your office as a positive place to work.

4. Focus on tone, graphics, and visual layout. Make sure the text of the post sounds fluid and compelling (no clunky prose or poor grammar), and include embedded links and video clips if possible. Ideally, employers should maintain an individual blog for every open position, and the job posting should provide a link directly to the blog. On the blog site, feel free to offer testimonials, visual graphics, company information, photographs, and video interviews with the applicant’s potential boss.

5. Think like a job seeker. Put yourself in the position of your ideal candidate. If you stumbled upon this posting, would you be interested in learning more? Would you feel excited about the company and inspired to apply? Or would you be bored, confused, and ready to move on to the next entry?

For more guidance on creating a knock-out job posting, contact your local Connecticut recruitment agency at Merritt Staffing. We can help you cast a wide net and bring in the talented applicants you need.

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