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Enhance the Appeal of Your Job Listing with Inexpensive Perks

November 11th, 2011

Attracting the attention of top talent can be a challenge, even during a slow economy. When you post a position, you want to make sure that you draw a large pool of applicants. But you also want to make sure you draw the right applicants, and once you have their interest, you need to find ways to get these candidates in the door and hold onto them.

This can be especially difficult if your budget resources are dwindling, or were never that high to begin with. Your competitors are out there prowling around, ready to offer higher salaries, better bonuses, and even upfront hiring incentives that can draw your top talent away. You want to attract and retain the best employees, but you simply can’t afford to increase your salary offer any more than you already have. What can you do?

Start with your listing.  Look around your workplace and try to attach words to every appealing thing you can see. Is the environment friendly and semi-casual? That’s a perk. Include it in your post. Is the environment formal and fast-paced? That can also be expressed as a perk. You just need to find the right words. Do you have a company softball team? Do you offer travel discounts for commuters who take public transit? Does your cafeteria have a professional chef? Is your building located in a pleasant part of the city? Do you allow employees to take summer hours or flex time? Do you occasionally let employees work from home? Is there an excellent daycare center nearby (or even better, onsite)?

Most of these things (aside from the chef) won’t cost you a dime, but they might make a world of difference to an employee. Before you let a talented candidate walk out the door, make sure she’s aware of every benefit you have to offer. Contact a Connecticut staffing service and let Merritt Staffing help you find all of the hidden perks to bring the best talent to your company.

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