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Build Loyalty and Retain Top Talent

February 27th, 2015

As an experienced manager, you know that your company is only as strong as the people you hire, and your most important form of capital will always be your human capital. So you do everything you can to source, find and select the highest levels of talent. But once you have these key players on board, are you doing everything you can to keep them? The moves below can help you generate company loyalty and keep your best people on the team when and if they’re lured away by other offers.

Listen when they speak (and when they don’t).

Listen to your employees when they come to you with ideas, complaints, and requests. Keep your door open so they don’t have to knock, offer them a chair so they don’t have to stand, and don’t interrupt them or fiddle with your screens while they’re speaking. But you’ll also have to go a step further and read between the lines. Sometimes what they need most is something they won’t address directly. You’ll have to meet them halfway if you want keep them happy.

Don’t wait for a crisis (or several).

Take action on behalf of your employees, and do so BEFORE they’re a step away from resigning. If your employees are overworked, keep an eye on signs of burnout, and get ready to hire more staff before you see these signs. If your employees are underpaid, increase their compensation before they have to ask. Try to stay a step ahead of disaster, because when disaster strikes, they’ll be long gone and you’ll be facing it alone.

Foster a positive culture.

Again, don’t expect your employees to take care of this on their own and don’t wait for a toxic tipping point before you step in and take control. Actively work every day to keep your environment respectful, positive, supportive, and fun. Start by making sure your own behavior reflects these values.

Reward the behaviors you want to see.

Encourage and reward the employees who help you in your efforts to generate positivity and loyalty. Some of the most important people on your team may not be the best salespeople or the best producers, but if they promote morale and teamwork, they’re worth more than gold. And they should know how much you appreciate their presence and their efforts.

For more on how to generate a healthy culture and keep your best employees on the team, reach out to the staffing experts at Merritt.


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